Restore the Strength and Appearance of Your Smile with a Dental Crown

A damaged or decayed tooth can affect both the health and appearance of your smile. To address these concerns, our team at Duggan Dental Group provides dental crowns made of high-quality materials with our advanced CAD/CAM system. Dr. Daniel P. Duggan,  and Dr. John E. Seylar can place custom dental crowns at our Bay Shore, NY, office. These restorations are both durable and natural-looking. Our team uses advanced imaging techniques to carefully design a crown that blends seamlessly with the rest of your smile. 

A Versatile Treatment 

Dental crowns, also known as caps, are shells that fit completely over your tooth to treat a variety of issues, including: 

  • Severe intrinsic discoloration
  • Disproportionate teeth 
  • Cracked or broken teeth 
  • Weakened teeth 
  • Worn teeth 
  • Severely decayed teeth

We can also use a crown to restore a single missing tooth with a dental implant. Depending on your budget and needs, we can provide a variety of materials, such as metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal, and all-porcelain. Each type of material has unique advantages. Our team can walk you through the differences and help you choose the option best suited to your smile.

Receiving Your Crown

The first step in receiving your crown is preparing the tooth by removing decay. Your dentist will then conservatively reshape your tooth in order to accommodate the dental crown. Unlike other dentists who use traditional putty to create impressions for your new restoration, we use the iTero® digital impression system to comfortably and efficiently obtain scans of your smile.

With digital impressions we can conveniently design a custom crown that restores both strength and beauty to your smile. 

At our office, we can provide lab-made dental crowns. We send your scans to our offsite lab, technicians will carefully craft your dental crown which typically takes about one to two weeks following your first appointment. In order to protect your tooth while your custom restoration is crafted, we can provide you with a temporary crown. 

Once your crown is ready for placement, we will bond it into place using a strong adhesive. If necessary, your dentist will polish the crown to ensure it blends in seamlessly with your smile.

Our dentists will conservatively shape your tooth to ensure the crown fits properly and does not appear bulky.

The Benefits of Dental Crowns

Our crowns offer a range of restorative and cosmetic benefits. Your crown can provide lasting support for a decayed or damaged tooth, preventing the need for an extraction. In addition, all our crowns are customized to match the shade and overall appearance of your surrounding teeth for natural-looking results.

With proper care and twice-yearly visits to our office, you can enjoy your dental crown for up to 10 years. Our team can give you recommendations on how to care for your crown properly. We can also provide cleanings and exams to maintain both your crown and the supporting tooth.

Strengthen Your Smile

At Duggan Dental Group, our dentists use the most advanced technology to provide strong, beautiful crowns. We strive to provide the most efficient and comfortable treatment for our patients. With digital impressions and in-office milling, we can conveniently design a custom crown that restores both strength and beauty to your smile. Learn more about our restorative procedures by contacting our office online or calling (631) 586-6300 today.

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